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Make the dream of flying your own airplane a reality.

Enjoy a fun local area introductory flight in which you, under supervision of a qualified flight instructor, take control of a new, safe, and reliable Diamond aircraft. In the air you will do most of the flying, learning the basic maneuvers of the airplane including how to turn, climb, descend, and slow down/speed up. After joining the circuit pattern at the airport you and your instructor will land the aircraft.

Diamond Discovery Flight includes:

Diamond Discovery Flight




Learn the basics today with a Diamond Discovery Flight

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Premium Aircraft Rentals

The Genesis fleet includes the most advanced glass cockpit aircraft available in the region.  Start your training from the very beginning in our Diamond DA20 G500, or transition to a four seat Diamond DA40 G1000.

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Become safe and confident quickly.

Build time on rental aircraft or enjoy the benefits of ownership. Achieve further endorsements such as, seaplane, multiengine, aerobatics, and instrument. Full day training packages available.

Birds Eye View

Choose from one of our popular scenic flights over cities, natural attractions, lakes and islands, or treat yourself to a customized tour of your own. Property buyers should book an aerial tour of your property before the purchasing decision.

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